Quality > Quantity

At RAYN, each piece is carefully crafted with the larger mission of Mix & Match compatibility in mind. We're creating a wardrobe with maximum utility. Each piece is designed for both individual style and comfort along with a seamless integration with past (and future) RAYN pieces. Check below for how this makes our brand more sustainable!

After our CEO designs each style, our inhouse team helps with all the details to bring her vision to life. We hand pick the fabric, colors and trims including custom buttons, zippers, aglets, etc. From design to sampling to the final piece, the entire process can take anywhere from 8-18 months.


Our pieces are designed to last. With that said, we only work with higher end fabrics, materials, and workmanship - ensuring our products have the durability to get us there.

So far, we've worked with factories in Canada and China, while looking to explore other regions soon. As things currently stand, the high quality knits that we are looking for are predominantly found internationally.

Our manufacturers are vetted via onsite visits to ensure the conditions of the factory are healthy and fair. These include fair pay, safety, organization, cleanliness, amazing quality control, healthy working conditions, and NO child labor.


We are anti fast fashion. No more buying 10 items to make 5 cute but cheap outfits. With RAYN, it's the opposite. Each piece is a high quality closet staple, created to last.

Instead of buying a completely new outfit, revamp your current Mix & Match RAYN wardrobe with our latest styles for endless combinations.

We are designing a different, sustainable approach to building a dynamic wardrobe without the need for hundreds of items.

We wear our samples and donate the extras. We also make sure rejected returns get donated!